Pan/Tilt Push Camera P50

The P50 camera boasts the most dependable push rod inspection camera system from China,featuring pan/tilt camera head,a robust cable reel,a state-of-heart-art LCD monitor,camera centering brackets and optional sonde and locators for pinpoint locations of buried pipes and utilities. With protection-to-guiding spring on the head,this camera can handle video survey job for pipes with 90-degree bends. To locate sewer-line block,structure fracture or bad joints, illumination is a crucial factor to evaluate the complete system.P-50A has 18 Ultra -bright dimmable led lights to ensures every part of the inner pipe wall is perfectly and non-shadow illuminated. Made with cutting-edge technology,this compact and versatile push camera ensures you a 30 percent less system break down,meaning your workers can do more work and an enlarged revenue for your company.
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Company Profile
´╗┐IPS was started with a simple goal ,to provide our Chinese customers ,who were engaded in water monitoring and/or municipal sewer line inspection and rehabilitation ,with affordable devices.
In 2009,we began our business with self-made multi-direction endoscope.But it was not very sucessful at that time.
In 2013,we came back with SINGA crawlers,which was equipped with powerful illumination to capture and record pipe defects.
In2015,we added explosion-proof and motor-driven cable drum to our carriage.And setted out to develop our own UV curing,3D sonar/laser system.

Thanks to continuous efforts in customers' oriented technical innovations and excellent service ,IPS has witnessed a series of huge success.Now we are the leading manufacturer of pipeline CCTV inspection equipment in China ,and we are ready to lead international pipe inspection&rehabilitation industry in the future.

Contact Person
Fannie Fu
1101,2th Building,silver star intelligent community,Guanguang Road 1301-72,Dabuxiang community,Guanlan,Longhua District,Shenzhen
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